Discover how letting go of sugar could be effortless when you work on the mind and body at the same time

Do you want to eat healthy, but can't manage to sustain it?

You eat healthy for a little while, but then and up going on a long binge? You hate yourself for doing it…but you just don’t have the willpower to resist the urge.

I know how it feels.

Let me tell you

My Story

I started dieting in my early twenties. I didn’t need to lose any weight, but I wanted to look slim, like those models in magazines. Then, during my first pregnancy I spent most of the time in bed because the complications. When I finally left my bed, I had put on 35 kg (more then 75 pounds).

Eating had been my way to cope with not being allowed to leave the house. I thought I’ll deal with it later…

I thought “if I can just find the right diet, I can be slim again. It shouldn’t be a big problem”. I was so wrong.

I tried so many diets over the years and I would lose weight at first… but soon the weight would come back again. Then I would start another diet hoping that this one would be the one that finally worked.

They all went the same, though. I would start well, but after a while I would lose the enthusiasm and then go to long binge, feeling sorry for myself. Then the guilt would come up, and I’d quit. After a while I would start with a new diet.

Sound familiar?


Then one day I had enough and started questioning my thinking.

What if it is not about eating less and exercising more?

What if my hormones are not the same as before my pregnancy?

Is it possible to balance my hormones, help my body work better?

What if it is NOT about will power?

I began studying the psychology of eating and it changed my relationship with food forever. Now instead of seeing food as an enemy I’ve learned how different foods affect my body, mood, sleep and anxiety.

I found that my relationship with food has nothing to do with food … and everything to do with my relationship with me and my life. 

I needed to heal that relationship. And for that to happen I needed to replace judgment with self compassion.

Instead of counting calories I started looking for balance between carbs, protein and fat. Yes, FAT.

I stopped being afraid of fat. I learned that eating healthy fat could make you lose weight.

Surprised? I was too.

Understanding how limiting beliefs and traumas I experienced could make me eat when my body doesn’t need food was a big step for me. 

Instead of being afraid of cravings and hoping they will stop I became curious. Why did I want that food? What was it I really wanted? 

I started connecting the dots between my emotions and my food choices.

That led me to a deep work on trauma I had through my life. Gradually, over time, working on myself and with my clients I developed a system that works.

Today I am Certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach, Nutritional Therapist, EFT practitioner, Certified Havening Practitioner  and Mindfulness Teacher.

I work with people just like you to help them heal their relationship with food, their emotions and their bodies. 

If you have had enough of looking for a new diet and would like to change the way you are looking at your extra pounds I would love to help you.

I will guide you, step by step, so you can  find peace with food without adding more stress in your life. 

You can let go of unhealthy foods without being hungry and you will still lose weight if that is your goal.

Instead of judging yourself you will start seeing reasons for your compulsions so you can stop feeling shame. 

You don’t have a willpower issue. 



Eating healthy could be EFFORTLESS with the right help, but it is hard to do it alone. You will need will power to begin with. Cravings will be strong during the first week or maybe two, but than you will have the tools that will help you get control back. 

To succed in anything you need a system and a process and I can offer that in this course. 

Over time you will see that life is sweeter without sugar and there is no more effort required. 

One of the main mistakes we make in our journey is to try to do too many things at the same time. It takes a lot of effort, brings stress up and it is almost impossible to keep going.

So start with just one thing: Take refined Sugar OUT.

You might be surprised how many issues just fall away when you let go of sugar. 

First, your blood sugar level becomes stable. When that happens your mood, brain function, energy level improves so much.

Second, sugar is very addictive. No wonder you can’t do it on your own.

Sugar makes you feel great for the first hour but then you become tired, irritable, anxious. 

High sugar consumption is one of the major contributing factors for contracting diabetes, cancer and heart disease. 

Your blood can show lab evidence of a lowered immune system within 30 minutes of eating sugar.



If your answer is yes please join me by taking the course.

Supported self study course

You can do it as a self study for the price of £97.

During the 4 weeks of this supported self study course, you will have 20 lessons. Each week you will get 5 short video lessons that are delivered on Ruzuku.

The course is designed to start on Saturday. This is the day to prepare for the course. Clean your house from any sugary products and do some exercise that I’ll show you so you can prepare your mind for the work.

On Sundays I would like you to only make food plan for the next week. That will take you less then an hour. The rest of the day I would like you to have fun, listen some music, have a bath, see a friend, do something nice for yourself that doesn’t involve food.

On Mondays we will talk about Food. I am interested in supporting you stop eating sugar so we will explore food that will help you have fewer sugar cravings.That would be good fat, clean protein, slow carbs.

On Tuesdays we will learn what to do about Cravings. Learning how to meet the cravings is the key to getting your power back.

Wednesdays theme is Mindfulness and Mindful Eating. There is a reason for your cravings.The first step to work on your cravings is to notice when you have cravings? What are your triggers? What do you feel when you have cravings? Become curious detective, looking for connections.

On Thursdays we will look at Stress. Becoming aware of your stress level and how it impacts your food choices is a big part of the healing process. 

On Fridays we will see how to make your healthy eating a Habit. The only way for something to become effortless is to make it a habit. When a behaviour becomes habitual you are not thinking about it anymore, it is effortless. Our work here is all about helping you build a new habit. 

If you are ready to let go of SUGAR click  HERE.

Price : £97


Start Living Healthy 

This is online course that teaches you how to set effective goals, so you can achieve it this time.

Value: £40. Yours FREE with purchase.

Looking for more support? Don’t want to try it on your own?

Privately Coached Course

If you prefer to do the course with me coaching you privately and have five 30 minutes sessions with me click  HERE.

Price: £250


Rather then me telling you how does it feel let me share what some people said about it


Joanna Espiner:

I have recently completed 28 days sugar-free course and I found it has really been helping me to learn about my relationship with sugar. 

The course has helped me to not feel so caught in the grip of sugar and I am really starting to understand the emotional layers which are triggering me into eating it. 

Marijana's approach has been amazing, through the course she provides a daily invitation to consider food from different perspectives (eg different types of food and how to sweeten it without sugar, how to deal with stress, how to deal with cravings) so that over the month, I have developed a really valuable toolkit of things I can call on if and when a craving comes along. I found the mindfulness tools especially helpful and I'm gaining much insight from practising these now the course has finished. 

One of the really important things I learned from Marijana was to have self-compassion as this journey is not straightforward and there will always be ups and downs.

I liked how the course was delivered with daily video clips of Marijana talking and the opportunity to share experiences through a private facebook group. 

There is also the offer of individual coaching with Marijana and I am continuing with this now that the course has finished. If you're struggling to kick sugar or want to get on top of difficult eating habits, I can highly recommend this course.


My journey so far: I gave up sugar for first 30 days, gave up the booze, stopped snacking, stopped having a late breakfast, started light exercise...  



Alice Clover: 

I really loved doing Marijana’s group and learnt a lot. I used to be totally addicted to sugar but have now found alternative foods and have a much healthier diet and life style. I highly recommend doing this course and changing their life’s for the better. Marijana is supportive, kind, knowledgeable and also respectful of each persons individual needs. Work with Marijana and change your life for the better. 🙌🏻

Vicky Ashley:

Not having sugar was relatively easy but not having as many carbs was hard because of being in a family of 4 and working out dinners etc.

I liked finding tips and techniques to reduce the cravings in between meals or in times of stress. The recipe ideas have been very useful too and has opened up a whole area of meals I wouldn’t have considered.

I have cut out my biscuits with tea, increased my soup and smoothies which means I’m now getting at least my 5 a day and because of that I feel lighter.

It’s very well structured and easy to comprehend. It allows for bad days and offers positive encouragement.

Claire Baker:

Marijana's knowledge and insight has been extremely helpful in allowing me to live a much cleaner and healthier lifestyle. I took part in a month long course during which time I learnt lots about mindful eating and living a life without sugar. 

I can highly recommend Marijana's expertise and gentle, accomodating approach to guiding you through the programme. Five stars all the way!

Joanne Jolly:

I did the online 28 days workshop with Marijana, and 7 weeks later my Husband and I are still on track with our Keto lifestyle. Marijana is very knowledgable and informative, and you get all the help and support you need to break the sugar habit. Highly recommended.

Svetlana Radulovic Sabadi:

Marijana is a wonderful practitioner with loads of positive energy that she unselfishly shares with her clients. She can make a dull day sunny and bright. She has a great experience and excellent knowledge which she constantly upgrades in order to help her clients in a very individual and professional way. Her approach is unique and she doesn't use one style fits all but in contrary completely opposite. 

I have worked with Marijana through a very difficult phase in my life, physically and emotionally. She showed me how to get to my inner self and recognise my emotions, triggers and bad habits, how to overcome stressful obstacles and accept situation that I was in and didn't have any control over. Working with her I learned how to grieve, how to forgive and love myself, but also how to let go and calm myself. She is always there to listen, to lead you through different situations and finds the best way to help each individual overcome issues. 

What I like the most she is not the type of a therapist that watches at her clock and when your time is up says good bye and forgets about you until next session. 

She spends time researching, learning and practising different ideas to find the best solution or technique to help her client during next session. She shares her knowledge, experience and positive vibes unselfishly but still keeping humble, modest and non judgemental. As a complex case with different health, eating and sleeping issues I am thankful for getting a chance to work with her and have her in my life. 

We have built trusted relationship quickly which never felt as therapist and client only communication but friendship to last.


Despite a very healthy diet, lots of exercise and a strict, busy lifestyle, I was struggling to lose weight and suffering with dizzy spells. After 4 consultations with Marijana, she has altered my diet and I have lost weight and stopped having dizzy spells. I feel more energy and I've got my life back in term of positive life style and much more energy. Thank you so much.

Rachel Hodson:

Marijana is brilliant. She really helps you understand how to eat mindfully and how to overcome and be aware of old habits.  

She gives you information in bite sized pieces so you do not feel overwhelmed and can implement things one at a time. 

I came way feeling more in control and able to understand my cravings and when/why I get them.  Thank you Marijana, everyday I get a step closer to my goal!

Irene Elliot:

I went to see Marijana after yo-yo dieting for over 20 years. I'm not really that overweight but there was one stone that I just couldn't shift. Marijana is a warm and non-judgemental and I liked her immediately.

We had weekly sessions for 6 weeks, then a further 4 sessions every 2 weeks. I have learnt how important to eat slowly and give my meal my full attention. No stuffing my face in front of the telly anymore. No feeling guilty about food!

The great news is that I lost 9 pounds without being on a diet. I recently went to see Marijana again as my weight had started to creep up. Marijana and I worked on my emotional and lifestyle issues again using coaching, EFT and matrix reimprinting.

I now listen to my body and have realised that gluten doesn't suit me and have excluded that from my diet.

Marijana always remained kind and patient throughout the whole process.

Sarah Howard:

I have been working with Marijana Dragojevic recently, she has helped me a great deal, and continues to do so, with several issues that I’ve been struggling with for many years. Thanks to her support, intuition and experience I am beginning to understand the root causes of my emotional eating and anxiety around body image, which is helping me to accept myself as I am right now. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Lisa East:

I met Marijana at a networking event and gave up sugar in Sept 2021 with her. The next step for me was to loose weight. And by giving up sugar before it was the perfect next step - as a new way of eating wasn't a negative experience as I didn't have any cravings. 2 Months on and after a 30-min weekly chat I’m  nearly 2 stone down.

Marijana is brilliant the way she gently guides you into a healthier way of being around food, the way you think about food and preparing your food ahead etc.

I'm excited to meet the new me later on in the year as I know with Marijana by my side I'll loose all my excess weight, that I've failed to lose with other diet clubs over the last 30 years.

Highly recommended :)

Check for more reviews at out Green Mindful Keto Facebook page.

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